Tips for healthy and pampered feet!

Keep your feet looking and feeling good with these great foot care ideas!

Our feet are one of the most worked parts of our bodies walking an average of 10,000 steps daily but are also one of the most neglected! With approximately 250,000 sweat glands, our feet can excrete as much as half a pint of moisture daily meaning we need to keep those trotters well moisturised! A lot of us believe our feet are one of the most unattractive parts of the body with some even having a fear of them! So it is no wonder a lot of us keep them hidden away. I am going to go through a few basic rules on how to look after your feet and have you feeling like you’re walking on air in no time!

For gorgeously glowing and smooth feet make sure they are washed and dried daily (make sure in between the toes is properly dried). Removal of hard skin should be done while the skin is soft after a bath or shower. Always use a gentle pumice stone or skin file, the really rough ‘cheese grater’ style rasps can often make the hard skin worse. The skin on the bottoms of our feet are there for protection, therefore if we get rid of it too quickly the body will produce more to over compensate so keep it gradual and gentle! When cutting and filing the nails always make sure you are doing it straight across and not curving down into the corners. This can cause ingrown toenails which can be extremely painful and can lead to infection. Finally apply a nice thick moisturiser or body butter daily but avoid in between the toes to prevent athletes foot.

Regular pedicures are also a great treat for tired and worn feet. At Eden Beauty, Kirkstall we offer a mini pedicure for £14 or a full pedicure for £25 and both include the application of polish. I recommend a full one every 4 – 6 weeks for optimum results.

There are many over the counter products we can buy for our feet (my personal favourites been any that include cooling peppermint) but there are also scrubs and pastes that we can make from home. There are lots of recipes on the internet so why not give one a go with the ingredients you have in your cupboard. Overall these scrubs and pastes are cheap to make and the ingredients are easily available,  but they can be time consuming and messy to apply – so make sure you allow enough time!

Even nature has natural exfoliants, next time you are on holiday at the beach let the sea and its salt soothe your feet then have a walk around on the rough sand to exfoliate gently. Don’t forget to moisturise well afterwards! So the next time your feet are sore or you see a patch of hard skin – book that beach holiday, in the name of the health of your feet!

Look after your feet, and they will look after you! There are no excuses for not looking after your feet properly. They look after you through 10,000 steps a day, so don’t neglect them!

The truth about Shellac!

Gel manicures are the most popular treatment going at the moment and is certainly the treatment I carry out the most at Eden Beauty. If you are unsure about them or have had a bad experience before it is definitely worth giving them a go as the results are fab and long lasting.

There are many “gel” polishes on the market today however after trying a lot of different ones I will not go with anything other than CND Shellac. One of the main things to know about CND Shellac is that it is the only product out of similar brands that does not in fact contain gel. This means that it makes it a lot easier to remove therefore causing no damage to the nail plate. Many other brands I have tried can last upto 6 weeks but are extremely hard to remove which in turn dries out the nail causing splitting and weakness.

Don’t just settle for a budget product, CND Shellac should last two weeks or longer without chipping or fading and now have a range of just under 80 shades! Another beauty about Shellac is that you can also layer different colours on top of eachother to create a brand new one which vastly increases their range and they are constantly bringing out more. At Eden Beauty we charge £20 for application which includes a mini manicure or £25 for removal as well. This is the average price and you shouldn’t be paying much more. I have seen places advertising it at £40 which is ridiculous and should not be considered unless they are including a three course meal!

One of the best benefits of Shellac is that it is dry instantly……….yes INSTANTLY! I love to see the look of sheer horror on a clients face when she has never had Shellac before and I wipe over the finished nails with alcohol. This is quickly replaced with relief and amazement when she sees the Shellac is actually still in place and looking shiny and neat.

As mentioned before, the manicure should last two to three weeks depending on your level of activity with your hands and how delicate you are in your daily activities. When you return to get another manicure we will use acetone to remove the Shellac safely and this never takes over 10 minutes. If you find it is taking longer then the salon may have not used CND Shellac or the acetone may not be pure.

Some people believe that this type of manicure isn’t good for the health of your nails however if it is applied properly and removed safely there shouldn’t be a problem. In my 4 years of using this product I have only met a small handful of clients that do not like it as they felt it did dry their nails out but this is normal as every product can’t possibly for everyone, however it is very rare for that to happen. At Eden Beauty we do offer a full manicure add on to your Shellac treatment for just an extra £5 which is a great booster if your hands are feeling a little dull from the effects of housework or winter!

If you are still unsure and have any questions about Shellac or any other treatments we provide feel free to call us on 0113 32102213 and we will be happy to help further.