Top Summer Beauty tips to avoid any dilemmas!

Top Summer Beauty tips to avoid any dilemmas!

Whether you are planning to go on holiday abroad this summer or enjoy the beautiful scenery our lovely UK has to offer be sure to follow my summer beauty guide to avoid and fix any dilemmas!

Avoid the nasty panda eyes look by using a waterproof mascara and eyeliner all throughout summer. Even if you aren’t swimming, sweat and humidity can still cause smudging which can look awful and also make you look tired. You could also have an eyelash and eyebrow tint to give your lashes and brows some semi permanent colour over the summer so less make up is needed. At Eden Beauty Leeds you can really pamper your eye area by getting an eyelash tint, eyebrow tint and eyebrow wax for the affordable price of £15 so there really is no excuses for summer smudges!

Always wear a primer under your make up especially during summer when it is more likely to melt and streak from the heat. You can always wear a finishing powder over the top of your make up to set it. These finishing powders can also be applied throughout the day to freshen your make up.

Of course it goes without saying but moisturising is a MUST! This not only means on your face but your body too, especially since you have more of it on show in the summer! Get that extra glow and smoothness exfoliate a couple of times a week too focusing on the roughest areas such as the knees and elbows.

It always looks best to keep make up looking natural in summer and giving that ‘sun kissed’ look. To achieve this apply bronzer where the sun would naturally hit your face such as the forehead, cheeks and nose. You can always then apply a pink blusher onto the apples of your cheeks and a highlighter onto you cheekbones and under your brows to give you a radiant glow.

There is no bigger pet peeve of mine than an awful streaky tan! Whether you are applying yourself at home or going to a salon for a professional tan, prep is the key!!Thoroughly exfoliate really concentrating on those rough areas that I mentioned before and tough areas to tan such as the ankles and wrists. Also apply a moisturiser to those dryer areas so the the tan can easily slide on and not get caught up or collect in any areas.

Breakouts on your skin are are pretty common in the summer as your are perspiring more and if you are wearing make up it can really clog those pores. To try and prevent these breakouts make sure you are cleansing twice daily, exfoliating 2-3 weekly and keeping your skin moisturised so your skin doesn’t over compensate by producing more oil. You don’t need to plaster moisturiser on, just make sure you are applying it morning and evening and that it’s a suitable moisturiser for your skin type. Regular facials are also a great booster, they unclog pores and purify the skin leaving it feeling refeshed and bright. At our beauty salon in Leeds there is a range of facials to choose from starting with mini facials going upto to luxury microdermabrasion treatments. Prices range from £20 upto £45 so there is something for everyone.

Summer is the perfect time to get those feet out so make sure they are looking in tip top condition! Prevent cracked heels by moisturising daily and exfoliating a couple of times a week. Getting a pedicure once a month keeps your feet looking at their best, you can jazz them up with a Shellac application that can last for 8 weeks and add sparkly glitters to really make them stand out! A full CND Shellac pedicure at Eden Beauty salon Leeds is £30 or you can have the Shellac application and nail tidy for £20.

If you are going to be going on holiday and wearing a bikini the best way to get out of that unwanted fuzz is to get waxed. It lasts a good couple of weeks, so much longer than shaving and also means that the hair doesn’t grow back stubbly. Opt for a full leg, bikini or brazilian and underarm wax to ensure you don’t have to worry about hair removal your entire holiday. Men can also go for a chest and back wax which not only looks good but allows sunscreens to be applied much easier and keeps the body cooler. Our beauty salon in Leeds offers a full range of waxing treatments to ensure you are beach ready!

Summer can be a harsh time on your lips so always make sure you are wearing a moisturising lip balm with an SPF to avoid any dryness or cracks. You can also use a toothbrush to lightly exfoliate them to really make them glow!

Lastly, at all costs AVOID bright red skin! It’s not only terrible looking but can seriously damage your skin! Burning is not big and clever and you can achieve a healthy tan without burning yourself to a crisp! Burning also causes your skin to peel which makes your tan fade extremely quickly! ALWAYS use a sunscreen when outside and moisturise every night to protect your skin and prolong your tan. You will find your tan lasts so much longer that way and its so much safer!!

8 Skin Care and Sun Exposure Myths………Revealed!

8 Skin Care and Sun Exposure Myths………Revealed!

The truth about products, treatments, and what’s right for your regime!

With the constant flow of new skin care products, treatments and advice it can be sometimes extremely difficult to know what to believe and what not to believe! Here I am going to give you the fact on some of the more common skin care myths to help you decide what is best for you and your skin.

Myth 1 : Sunbeds are safe as long as they don’t contain UVB rays
Everybody knows that sun tanning is unhealthy and can lead to many problems such as skin cancer and premature ageing. But what about sunbed tanning? Sunbed companies often say that they filter out the so-called “sunburn” UVB rays to try and sell it to you, but the truth is when you use a sunbed you’re still exposing your skin to the less harmful UVA rays which can penetrate deeper into the skin and cause damage that leads to premature ageing and skin cancers as well. The best and safest option is to just stick to a fake tan, these days they provide flawless coverage and are extremely easy to apply so there is no excuse!

Myth 2 : The higher the SPF, the better the protection
UVA, UVB and UVC are the three different types of UV (ultraviolet) rays. UVA rays are the ones that penetrate your skin to change your pigmentation and give you a tan. UVB are the most harmful rays which are responsible for most of the burning you can develop. They damage your skins DNA which causes ageing, pigment changes and cancer. UVC ray don’t even make it to the ground as they are absorbed by the atmosphere and so aren’t harmful to us.

The SPF on a sun cream refers to the amount of protection you will receive from UVB rays and sunburns. For example an SPF of 15 means 1/15th of the burning radiation will reach the skin if the sun cream is applied correctly. A sun cream can just protect from UVB rays if it isn’t ‘broad spectrum’ so you need to make sure you are getting one of these so you are protecting yourself from UVA rays too. You can determine the effectiveness of a sunscreen by multiplying the SPF by the length of time it takes you to burn in the sun without sun cream. So if it takes you 10 minutes to burn when not wearing sunscreen you would avoid sunburn for 150 minutes if wearing a sun cream of SPF of 15. It’s therefore important to note that a sun cream with a higher SPF does not necessarily last longer than a lower SPF as we all have different tolerances. Higher SPF’s must still be continually applied as much as a cream with a lower SPF.

Myth 3: You don’t need to use sunscreen on a cloudy day
Even on cloudy and rainy days the UV radiation from the sun reaches the ground which means your skin is at risk daily. Make sure you are using an SPF daily however just because your make up or moisturiser contains an SPF doesn’t mean you are getting the protection you need, although it is better than nothing ideally you should be using a sunscreen too.

Myth 4 : Scrubbing your face with soap will keep your skin healthy and acne free
If you scrub your face too often or too harshly you will be taking off some of the protective oils and barriers. This in turn can then make the skin over compensate by producing excess oil which can create pimples. It also makes the skin very de sensitised. Try using a gentle exfoliator 2 – 3 times weekly instead followed by a moisturiser and sunscreen.

Myth 5 : It’s better to get the pus out of a pimple by popping it
Even though it is so tempting to squeeze them and it feels/looks better to do so the truth is squeezing a pimple can actually push the pus in deeper. This can lead to inflammation which then can lead to scarring. It also can spread under the skin which causes even more to pop up in the surrounding area! If you feel you absolutely have to get rid of the little sucker then purchase a comedone extractor. They are inexpensive and you can purchase one in most beauty supply stores or pharmacy’s. They are really easy to use, you simply apply firm pressure and roll it across the pimple to take it out, its as simple as that!

Myth 6 : Expensive skin care products always work best
Expensive skincare products can of course be good and great quality but quite often you can pick up a very similar product for a fraction of the price. Most active ingredients found in anti-ageing creams are similar however if you want to pay for the feel, smell and package also then most definitely pick up a more pricey one. However some more expensive creams with expensive ingredients are of course going to be better.

Myth 7 : Anti-ageing creams can erase wrinkles
As annoying as it is I’m afraid most wrinkle creams simply hydrate the skin which plumps it out making it temporarily look better. There is however one ingredient that has a great reputation for reversing fine lines and I must say I have to agree, that is topical retiniods or “Retinol”. Retinol penetrates the skin well and vastly increases the cell turnover. this means they are very effective at treating acne, reducing fine lines and reversing the effects of sun damage. This is because by increasing the cell turnover it is actually changing the way the skin grows rather than temporarily covering up a problem. There are a few creams on the market that you can buy like this but for a greater strength it must be prescribed.

Creams containing active vitamin C are also very effective but I urge you to buy it from a reputable company as pure vitamin C does destabilise very quickly thus making the cream useless. You must also be realistic with the results you would like to achieve from creams or else you will be disappointed.

Myth 8 : Lasers can make you look 20 years younger
There are many different types of lasers out there and they are all been marketed to do different things. Some help with pigmentation, others with wrinkles by going deep and activating collagen and some are great for brightening the skin. Although laser treatments have come a really long way you need to be realistic of the results you will get, if you have intensive damage it will help but not completely remove.

So what’s the bottom line when it comes to anti-ageing and skincare…………stay out if the sun where possible and wear your antioxidants and sunscreen everyday as the biggest contributors to ageing skin is our surroundings. Have a good regular skincare routine and a regular facials or microdermabrasions are always fab! Have a look at Eden Beauty in Kirkstall, Leeds where a range of treatments are available. And as they always say, prevention is cheaper than the cure!!


Your questions about Brazilian waxing……..answered!

We all have questions when it comes to waxing and when it’s brazilian waxing we sometimes hesitate to ask them. I’m going to go through the obvious questions people ask me to help put you at ease and hopefully get more confident to try it out. Once you get into the habit of it it’s definitely a treatment you will be glad that you started.

What is the difference between hot wax and strip wax and which is the best to go for?

Strip wax is the usual wax you see that is applied thinly with a spatula and then a muslin or paper strip is applied on top and pulled off to remove. Strip wax is generally used on the less sensitive areas such as the legs, back and chest but can be used anywhere and more often than not is as salons usually only use this type of wax.

Hot wax is used for more sensitive areas such as a brazilian or can just be used anywhere on people who have really sensitive skin. This is because the wax actually just sticks to the hair rather than the skin like strip wax. It is applied thickly and is patted dry before being gently pulled off leaving the smooth skin underneath. This also means that there is no stickiness left like strip wax which also seriously lowers the chances of any tugging as no strip is needed either. Not many salons use hot wax however at Eden Beauty I use strip wax on the regular bikini line then always use hot wax on the more intimate areas. This is why I have been told by many clients that I have provided the least painful wax they have ever had.

How long should my hair be for waxing?

Generally hot wax can grab shorter hair than strip wax often as short as 2mm compared with the 4mm for strip wax. It usually is long enough after about a week of not shaving however for larger parts of the body it is better to leave it around 2-3 weeks before waxing to avoid disappointment of any hair snapping and not being removed properly. Each appointment should also be between 4 and 6 weeks apart to ensure that all hairs have come through properly. Don’t ever worry about the hair being too long though as it can always be trimmed by the therapist prior to waxing.

What are the differences between the different types of bikini waxing?

Basic bikini wax: hair removed from the top and sides of bikini line area
G-string: same as basic bikini but slightly extended in and hair removed underneath
Brazilian: removes all of the hair from underneath and leaves only a strip of hair in front (hair is also removed from the area between the buttocks)
Hollywood: absolutely everything off!

Is the procedure carried out with discretion?

I always have the client lay on their back with a towel covering parts of the intimate area so maximum discretion is achieved. To get the underneath areas I do ask the client to lift their leg up for a short period of time and if needed they would need to turn onto their side but I find that some salons get clients to get on all fours which can be quite embarrassing and uncomfortable for them. To help minimise discomfort, the client is asked to hold the skin tight in various places but the therapist does assist and lead in this so don’t worry if you’re not sure!

How much time does the treatment take?

For an average brazilian/hollywood wax I usually book out 45minutes, however for new clients I allow 1 hour 15 minutes as everyone is so different so it’s hard to know before meeting with the customer. You do tend to find that after a few sessions it does take less time as the hairs follicles can get weaker and so making the hairs easier to remove. I even have some clients that only take up a 20 minute slot now, halving the time it used to take when they first came.

At Eden Beauty Leeds I’m afraid I do not offer this procedure on men,  however I do offer waxing on the other areas of the body such as chest and back so if you’re fella is in need of a little sprucing before that summer holiday I can still help out there. (that’s if they’re man enough to hack it!)

The in’s and out’s of Microdermabrasion

The in’s and out’s of Microdermabrasion

Microdermabrasion is one of my favourite treatments going and I love to be able to pamper myself with one every now and again! Not only does it relax me but leaves my skin looking fresh and vibrant. To give you more of an understanding of it let’s begin with the basic questions you will be asking about this wonderful treatment.

What is microdermabrasion?
Microdermabrasion is a cosmetic deep exfoliation treatment which aims to remove the top layer of the skin (the stratum corneum) and to help the skin to replenish and rejuvenate. It’s also amazing at treating skin problems such as acne scarring, pigmentation, clogged pores and wrinkles.

How does microdermabrasion work? 
Microdermabrasion is a pain free, non-surgical procedure that is used to exfoliate to the most outer layer of the skin. It actually causes the skin a very mild trauma that isn’t harmful so that the skin goes into “repair mode” and repairs itself in a more organised fashion. This creates younger looking more vibrant skin and is achieved by applying a fine abrasive head with a vacuum suction to the skin and dragging in an upwards motion. The abrasive head can come with a diamond, crystal or bristle tip. At Eden Beauty our machine has a diamond tip and the frequency can be changed to suit every skin including those most sensitive ones.

What are the effects of microdermabrasion?
Microdermabrasion is great for a range of different skin problems as it resurfaces and rejuvenates. Anyone with dull skin, acne scarring, clogged pores, pigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles, dryness or redness will see fantastic results after just a few treatments. However it is also a really good treatment for anyone with a normal skin as it helps to let any products used to penetrate deeper therefore making them work better. It leaves the skin extremely soft and smooth after each treatment, and who wouldn’t want that?!

What is the procedure of microdermabrasion?
Microdermabrasion is such a simple and non-invasive treatment which can take between 15 to 60 minutes. It can be performed by a dermatologist or Beauty therapist with a machine designed specifically for the procedure. The machine is built with crystals such as sodium chloride, aluminium oxide, magnesium oxide and diamonds which are pressurized by the pump to produce an abrasion of the skin. The vacuum raises a small section of the skin which the machine works on and thereafter removes the crystals and abraded skin cells. Therefore, the speed of the machine over the skin and the number of passes made determines the effectiveness of the treatment. The skin is stretched to achieve tension in the area in order to get the best abrasion.  For best results it is recommend to have a course of six or twelve sessions depending on your skin concerns and each treatment should be between 7 and 10 days apart. You can however leave 4 weeks maximum between each session but just be aware the long term results wouldn’t be as good effective.
How much does it cost?
Microdermabrasion can range anywhere between £25 and a whopping £150 depending on where you go. At Eden Beauty we charge £30 for a single session, £45 for a luxury session or an amazing £130 for 5 single sessions. This is very competitive pricing but the quality of the treatments are still at a very high standard and I have had some fantastic results.

What are the side effects?
After the treatment is performed you may have visible redness all over your skin however it should not be bright red or painful and should subside quickly. If you have a fairly sensitive skin your skin can feel a little fragile and stingy for a little while but don’t worry this is completely normal, just avoid touching it while it feels like this.  If the person who performs the treatment does it wrong, you may encounter some bruising in areas where the skin wasn’t stretched enough. If bruising does occur, please contact the company who performed the treatment and let them know as this should not happen.

Overall microdermabrasion is a great treatment for everyone and I definitely recommend that you give it a try as you won’t be disappointed! If you would like more information or would like to make a booking give me a call on 0113 320 2213 or visit and I will be happy to help out.

How eyebrow make up can transform your brows!

Eyebrow make up can fully transform your brows to frame your eyes beautifully. It adds definition, fills in any sparse areas, covers greys and deepens colour. There are many different types and brands of products out there so I am going to run through the important ones and give you tips on how to use them. If products are used correctly brows can look lovely and natural however lack of skill or overly used can make them look like two thick dark caterpillars so use with caution……remember less is more!

: Eyebrow Pencil

When used correctly an eyebrow pencil is a fantastic tool. Just make sure you have exactly the right tone for you and that you are using the right pressure. A little practice is all thats needed! A stiff-angled brush is a big helper for blending or softening lines and a good quality pencil can last all day without any touch ups. A pencil is also the best way to fill in sparse areas as it easily goes onto the skin and can create as thin or thick lines as needed. The only downsides to a pencil is that it wont cover those stubborn white hairs or keep hairs in place. If you have bushy long hairs then these will have to be trimmed first.

: Powder

Powder is a great product for beginners who are just starting out using eyebrow make up and is generally more forgiving with application than a pencil. Powder is much easier at covering white hairs because it can more easily cover the top of hairs but it will not cover 100%. Again the better the product the better it will stay (especially if applied with a stiff-angled brush), if only applied lightly it could smudge off very easily and look pretty horrendous by the end of the day! Powder is another product that also won’t keep the hairs in place but can be applied to the skin to achieve a fuller brow.

:  Mousse / Mascara

Eyebrow mousse or mascara really has to be the easiest of the products out there to use as it is just as simple as taking the wand and applying a few strokes! In the same way that normal mascara deepens our lashes eyebrow mousse or mascara does the same to brows meaning that it can cover even white hairs and keeps hairs in place temporarily once dry. A good product will last all day however a cheaper one may flake and peel after a few hours. As it thickens each strand a little it can make the brows seem slightly fuller however a pencil or powder is better on the skin to fill in areas of sparse hair.

: Tint

Tinting is the longest lasting of all eyebrow make up lasting between 2 and 4 weeks and takes just 10 mins to apply. Tinting is definitely the best option for covering the whiter more stubborn hairs however it will not hold the hairs in place and you may still need a pencil or powder to cover sparse areas as it doesn’t tint the skin. There are some over the counter products you can buy to do yourself however they don’t last as long as a professional product and a beauty professional will make much a better job of it.

Just one or a combination of all the above products can be used to achieve your desired look so have a play around with them all and find our what works for you best. If creating the look yourself at home isn’t for you then at Eden Beauty we provide the perfect eyebrow treatments that will leave you having the right shape and tone for your face including tinting, waxing and trimming. These can also be teamed up with eyelash tinting to fully complete the look and have your eye area looking at its best!